Our Programs


Pre-vocational programs provide our clients the skills they need to develop positive relationships, gain independence, and build the life/work skills they need to promote growth. Clients have been able to use the new Assistive Technology that we have implemented. This is a system of no-tech, low-tech and high-tech tools and strategies that match a person’s needs, abilities and tasks. All of our clients participate in a variety of social events and leisure activities, such as our annual “Fair on the Waterfront”.



Our vocational programs are centre-based business operations with a vision to provide quality, hands on training and learning opportunities for people with mental health disabilities. SASI manages prevocational, vocational and employment programs, such as job coaches, at all of our locations. In Shelburne, we operate the Shelburne Café and Heritage Hall, in Barrington we are known as Mayflower Place, and in Lockeport; Beech Street Studio. These programs provide work skills training, educational/academic training, socializations skills, and communication and life skills.



We also provide support to individuals living in their own apartments. “The independent living program provides up to 21 hours a week of supports and service to individuals who are independent and require minimum support in their own apartment or home.” The goals of these supports are to facilitate opportunities for continued growth while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



This is a specialized employment program for individuals who face barriers to employment and wish to participate more fully in their community. The program assists individuals to enhance their employability. The Job Coach provides job training to the individual and assists with finding a placement as well as offer follow-up workplace support.



The Department of Community Service and the Department of Education have a mandate of transitioning students from high school to the workplace. Our vocational site welcomes individuals 16 years of age and older who are currently in high school and wish to participate in our vocational program prior to graduation. This program enables individuals to work with our team to help them transition into the community as adults.