Respite Services

What are Respite Services?

Respite services are short-term temporary care for families who care for individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities.

SASI provides this service which enables the individual to experience the benefits of living in a home-like environment while receiving necessary assistance and supports.

We assist in maximizing their potential in all areas of daily living and community independence while ensuring their safety and well being.

During their stay, the individual would participate in all activities in the home, such as cooking, menu planning, grocery shopping, social activities, social interaction, household duties, and a wide variety of community activities.

The respite beds are located in a private bedroom with access to shared bathroom facilities.

Currently there are two respite beds at Shelburne Group Home and one respite bed at Barrington Developmental Residence.

Who can use respite services?

Individuals who are 19 years of age and older, normally reside at home, and are dependent upon family members/caregivers for on-going support. All participants in the program must be approved by the Department of Community Services.

Interested? Here’s how to proceed

  • Should families be interested in exploring residential respite, they may contact an SPD Care Coordinator who will be happy to assist them.
  • An individual assessment and support plan will be conducted and completed by a member of the Department of Community Services.
  • The Care Coordinator will identify the respite options that best meets the individual’s support needs.


Some examples of activities you can participate in during your stay are;

  • Soccer
  • Dances
  • Swimming
  • Gardening
  • Special Olympics

Special Events such as;

  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Movies
  • WWE Wrestling
  • Annual Exhibitions

And much more…

We encourage creative ideas! If you have an idea, please share it with our staff!


Department of Community Services

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Shelburne, NS
B0T 1W0
(902)875-1056 (fax)

Shelburne Group Home
117 Clements Street
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Barrington Developmental Residence
3454 Hwy #3
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